A Little Slice of Home


As a small town, midwestern girl, I grew up on summer barbeques. From backyard barbeques to hole-in-the-wall shacks with the best BBQ in town, every summer was filled with the good stuff. When I moved to New York for the summer, I quickly found myself missing some of the simplicities of home. Luckily for me, I wandered upon the Big Apple BBQ last weekend in Madison Square Park and found myself a little slice of home in the big city.

The Big Apple BBQ hosted 17 of the best pitmasters from around the country, each one of them bringing one of their signature dishes for guests to taste. From ribs, to pulled pork, to whole hogs, each stand provided mouth-watering plates for $8 each. The 2-day event also hosted various stages with live musical entertainment, cooking demonstrations, and merchandise guests could purchase. Hardcore BBQ lovers could buy themselves a FastPass, which gave them access to shorter lines and prepaid plates.

New York City is an eclectic city full of people from all across the world. It can be overwhelming for someone new to the city that is just looking for a slice of normalcy in his or her new life. Sometimes, finding a little bit of home gives you the strength needed to keep moving forward in the adventure. Sometimes, a little backyard barbeque will do just the trick!


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