Thank You, Mom and Dad


Growing up, we often overlook just how much our parents do for us. We think it’s their job to drive us to soccer practice, take us to the school dance, and help us with our homework. Many times, we don’t even say “thank you” because we are too preoccupied by the latest gossip at school or how evil our history teacher is because she asked us to write a 500 word essay. But everyday, Mom and Dad get up, get dressed, and do it all over again … without even thinking about it.

For the 2012 Olympic Games, P&G launched a media campaign called “Raising an Olympian” in which moms of athletes talk about what it was like to raise an Olympian. In the videos, they never talk about how easy it was or how they deserve all the credit. Rather, they talk about the strength and determination their child has and how they wanted their son or daughter to achieve their dream because they knew it would make him or her so happy. They talked about what it means to be a Mom, to want the best for your child, no matter what the personal sacrifice may have been. Gabby Douglas, a member of the U.S. gymnastics team, left home at 16 to train 3,000 miles away. About a year later, Gabby wanted to come home, but her mom said no because she knew if Gabby was going to achieve her dream of being in the London Olympics, Iowa, not Virgina Beach, was where she needed to be. Ileana Lochte, mom of the U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte, talks about how she couldn’t force her son to love swimming; he had to love it on his own, no matter how much she wanted him to love it. It’s stories like these that make us kids step back and realize all our parents did for us growing up and all they continue to do for us each and every day.

Growing up, we are consumed with ourselves and our lives, and we forget sometimes that we are someone’s son or daughter. We forget to say Thank You. And our parents know that and yet they love us anyway. And each and everyday, they push us to do great things, whatever that may be. We all can’t be Olympic athletes, but we all can strive for greatness, and we all can thank our parents for everything they give us. To all of you kids out there (and even you adults) take a moment to thank your mom and dad, not just for what they do for you, but just for loving you each and everyday. And to all you parents out there, we hug you for all you do for us.

Thank You, Mom and Dad!


P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film – this is my favorite video P&G put out because it encompasses everything I want to say to my parents.

For all of the Raising an Olympian videos, check out P&G’s YouTube channel

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