Fitness: Optimizing Your Workout for Weight Loss


While we all recognize exercise is a key ingredient to overall health, let’s face it, many of us hit the gym with the primary objective of losing some unwanted pounds. So if this is the goal, what is the most effective approach to weight-loss workouts? Many of you will be happy to hear that it is not running on the treadmill for the entire length of your workout. Rather, nutritionists and fitness experts suggest a combination of strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio as the key to trimming down. By working on different parts of the body you will not only burns calories (namely through the cardio portion) but build muscle (and the more muscle you build, the more fat you naturally burn). When combined with flexibility and balance exercises, this proportioned workout regiment will change how your body metabolizes food and yields energy. Aim for something like the weekly fitness regime below and you’ll not only look but feel great.

Aerobic:  3 hours / week. (Six 30 minute sessions or four 45 minute sessions). Try a brisk walk, playing tennis, jogging, or rollerblading.

Strength: 1 hour / week. Pull out those weights or increase your pushup count!

Flexibility: 10 minutes every other day. Start with basic stretching or yoga moves. The more flexible you become the more enjoyable this will be.

Balance: 30 minutes weekly. This you can even work into other parts of your daily regime. Try simple moves like balancing on one leg while washing dishes.

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