Interior Design by Karl Lagerfeld


Glance inside Karl Lagerfeld’s apartment.

Haute couture designer Karl Lagerfeld, allows us to glance at his futuristic apartment on the quai Voltaire in Paris in his co-edited May issue of the famous French magazine Architectural Digest. This is an exceptional opportunity for us to be influenced by the style of one of the most famous designer of the modern world and at the same time to find ideas and inspiration for interior decors. In the May issue, the creative director of Chanel gives more details about his lifestyle and talks about his favorite interior designers.

The interior design by Karl Lagerfeld could be summarized  by this phrase: “We are at the heart of a Russian doll: first the clothes, then the apartments and houses,” explained by the fashion genius to connect fashion and interior design.

 What sticks first when you discover the Karl Lagerfeld apartment is the unbelievable design of each furniture. A lot of white, a lot of grey and everything seems to be polished. Pictures speak for themselves…




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