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Staircases don’t have to be boring. They can be warped, geometric, colorful and complimentary with a slide. I’ve always thought it would be fun to decorate a house with separate themes within each room and something to the effect of Alice in Wonderland. An unique staircase would be the perfect addition. I’m not talking bout a different type of carpeting or upscale banisters. I’m talking about crazy staircase structures that will make you want to take the stairs even if you don’t need anything from that other floor or a staircase so mesmerizing to the eye, that it’ll be the envy of all of your other furniture. Here are a few that I found quiet interesting and maybe not so practical, but still architecturally inspirational.

Sensualscaping Stairs designed by Atmos Studio
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The design of the stairs actually expands throughout the house and creates a continuous flow in terms of design throughout the whole space. I like this one because of the Alice in Wonderland illusion it creates with the twisted banisters.



Stairs designed by TAF
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The top view (ab0ve) of this design creates a pleasing and geometric effect. The color and pattern of the material used for each segment add a nice touch of texture. 






Flat F.M designed by École
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Floating staircase looks modern and something complimentary of a zen garden. These floating books would also go well with the theme.

Conceal book shelves by Umbra



Bookcase Staircase designed by Levitate Architects
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Speaking of books, this design might just be perfect inside tight spaced New York apartments. This one is definitely practical.



Staircase with slide designed by Alex Michaelis
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Fun and functional all in one. I would seriously consider getting this in my house =)

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