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Have you heard oil pulling mentioned in passing but never took the time to research it? Confused about what it really means or how to do it correctly? We have all the information you need here!


What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is a healthier, natural form of mouth wash using a vegetable oil to clean your teeth and gums.

The practice started in India hundreds of years ago and was brought to America in the early 1990s by Dr. F. Karach. Although there haven’t been case studies about the benefits of oil pulling, this practice has gained popularity in the last several years with many positive results.

Holistic communities are trying to spread the word about oil pulling and thus we are bringing the information to you!


Coconut Oil vs Other Vegetable Oils

The most popular vegetable oils used for oil pulling are coconut, sunflower and sesame oil. Everyone has their preference, however we believe coconut oil works the best, especially due to the natural antibiotic and antiviral properties coconut oil holds.


How do I “oil pull”?

  1. Put 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil into the mouth. (It’s most beneficial on an empty stomach, so first thing in the morning.)
  2. Swish around your mouth for 20 minutes making sure to “pull” through your teeth. The oil will get thicker as it mixes with your saliva.
  3. Spit oil into trash can. The oil should be creamy-white. Note that oil is thick and can clog septic systems, so it’s best to spit into a trash can.
  4. Do not swallow any oil!
  5. Rinse with warm water.


Benefits of Oil Pulling

There are many benefits to oil pulling which we’ve listed below. In our experience, we’ve noticed the biggest differences in our sleep cycles (sleeping more deeply and for longer periods of time) and increased gum health.

  1. Whiter Smile
  2. Clearer Skin
  3. Deeper and less encumbered sleep
  4. Suppressed appetite for carbs
  5. Better oral hygiene: Reduces receding gum lines and bleeding gums.
  6. Increases Energy: Coconut oil has a natural antibiotic and antiviral properties that remove toxins before they have a chance to take hold in our system. Since your body doesn’t have to fight these toxins, it can use energy for more productive and fun activities.
  7. Reduces headaches: Headaches and migraines occur when the body is under toxic stress. Again, since oil pulling removes toxins, headaches can be avoided.
  8. Aids hormonal changes: Without having to compete with foreign substances, hormones can act as they should.

Please share your personal experience with oil pulling and help spread the word!



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