Multi-themed Summer Baby Shower


Planning a baby shower can be a challenge, when you’re looking to do something unique and creative. Many themes have been done (and over done). And it’s especially difficult to come up with a novel idea, when the “mom-to-be” has planned many baby showers herself. So for this super baby-shower extravaganza, we decided against having one theme. And instead decided to have a Multi-themed June Baby Shower!
RhythmixTheatre, located in Almeda California. was the perfect setting for this baby shower. With an open space, a stage, and great sound system, we had the foundation for a great party.

We created a layout of (4) four event tables of stations. Each with a different theme, and each with a game to be played. Every element on the table was for baby. Whether a toy, a book or nursery decor, we made sure mom-to-be had plenty of great things to help get started with her new baby!

1st stop: Cars & Trains
-Thomas the train tracks + motorized trains
-Hot Wheels galore!!!

2nd stop : The enchanted world of books
{We asked each guest to bring a book, to help build baby KEW’s library}

3rd stop: Safari
-Stuffed animals
-Complete safari figurine set

4th stop : Wide world of sports
Mom-t0-be was an athlete and is an avid sports fan!

Overall space decor

Kendrick Edward Willis !

Tool boxes with chalkboard fronts will come in handy in babies nursery. For now, they are holding well wishes for the mom-to-be!

We created well wishes cards, using the custom graphic of mom-to-be and her chic chihuahua “Coco” {as in coco-chanel}.

Ofcourse there were games…

1. Guest the objects inside of the bag by using only your hands to feel out the items (no peeking).

2. Designer Onesie!

And here was the winner:

Lots of great food…

Congratulations to the new mom!

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