Hot Times call for Cool Measures!

August 14, 2012

Just because the temperature is hot, doesn’t mean you have to be! Here are some tips to stay cool this summer.   Use water … for reasons other than drinking Water will help keep you hydrated, but it can also…

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Eat your Veggies … for Dessert?

August 6, 2012

This summer, myself and the other 2 Erganic Design interns were given the task of blogging recipes for various vegetables that are in season. And we have come up with some interesting and delicious ideas. But never did I expect…

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Fun Ways to Eat Your Greens

July 15, 2012

If you are anything like me, then eating spinach probably isn’t your favorite thing to do! But we have all heard the healthy benefits of eating our greens 3-5 times a day, so here are a few easy ways to…

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